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May. 24th, 2011

You have been hacked!

Yesterday my email was spammed with a thousand "failed delivery email". The email I apparently tried to send had a suspicious attachment.

Today I get an email from a friend angry because he got sent some pornographic material by someone using my name.

So, if you got an email from me, don't open it! Add me to the blocked emails immediately. I'll go look for a new address right now and re-install Windows.

May. 21st, 2011

The Hour of Truth

Today is the hour of truth! I will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at last! Hurray!

May. 17th, 2011


I never thought pretending to be someone else was one of my defects. Now I realize it's one of my greatests. I have talent, but I am sick of dragging a huge rock all by my stubborn self; rock that is normally moved by dozens of people. I'm sick of filling up for dozens of people.

I think that from now on I'll just be one person. I'll just be me.

Writing a book is a great training to learn to tolerate oneself and perhaps even accept oneself some day. I might post some bits of it here.

Roleplaying has been awfully slow. Simplicity has lots of members, but none of them seems to post! o.O I might start another wolf roleplay with some friends. Hm.

Were almost half-year deep, and despite of that I haven't yet completed any of the goals in that list, I notice some type of urgency to do so. It is as if there was no place to run off to.

"Stopping to run off" needs to be added to the list.

Jan. 22nd, 2011

In Reparation For January 22th

The Roman Catholic Church is making a movement of prayer and penance for the end of abortion.

Anybody can contribute, even if they're not Catholic! All you've gotta do is say a prayer, it could be a Hail Mary, Our Father, or any. You can also contribute with an act of penance, which could be stopping to do something you like, an example would be not eating sweets on this day, or purposefully missing your favorite tv program, etcetera.

God Bless you all.

Jan. 15th, 2011

Novena of Reparation

The Priests For Life are making a Novena of Reparation prayer.

Jan. 4th, 2011

Help me with my Pokemon clone! xD

'ello! I am a game designer and I'm working in a Pokemon-like game ( which will be free once released so don't worry ;D ).

For this I need many made-up creatures! So, here is where you come in: Take different animals and combine them into a new creature!

These are the rules:

Firstly, your creation belongs to you. However, by submitting an entry, you are automatically giving me permission to have them appear in this game. (If I want them for another project, I'll ask you)

Second, only one entry per person allowed, so give your best!

Third, it can be a combination of all the animals you can think.

*Please also give your creation some plant-like detail (flower at end of tail, green leaves for hair, perhaps?) for plot-reasons. Thankyou*

Fourth, no dragons or griffins or unicorns. No existing mythical beasts, please.

*Please also note that fighting is not a planned activity for the game, so no evil or scarred characters allowed either!*

And lastly, don't make your entry very similar to somebody else's!! Or your creations will get merged into a single creature species.

Alright, so there you go! Follow the rules, and have fun!

My entry! xD

Dec. 18th, 2010

On Christian Fiction

My thoughts on the moral limits of fiction.

1) Don't make your story just pretty glittery colors: make it communicate a good moral message, and make it clear.

If you can't think up a good message, open the Holy Gospel on a random page and work with what Jesus tells you. Actually, do so even if you just thought the most epic message up.

2) Don't just watch silently: even without a narrator, your story should clearly condemn evil and exalt virtue. Always.

3) Multiple gods: are not okay. In the Bible God tells us once and a thousand times that he doesn't like being replaced, so why do so in our stories, media, and culture?

4) Avoid the myth, not the creature: many cool mythical creatures come with uncool, often horrendous backgrounds. Using your imagination is of course a good thing, so if you like to imagine a talking white horse with a horn, that's perfectly fine, just don't call it an unicorn and research on the ancient myths -- there is nothing good on that, let me tell you.

5) Magic: although the word may have been "cleaned" and used to no end in our popular culture, magic is still the name of something horrible and dark. Try an alternative such as the superheroes's superpowers, why not, and definitely call it something else than 'magic'.

Another interesting bit I think is that healing 'superpowers' should be used with mighty caution in your story. If you are careless, you might end up devaluing life with your healing and reviving skills. The very existence of a revival superpower might be questionable unless is God Himself giving it back-- for God and only God is the source of all life.

6) The Hero: he or she will be your main character. To make our hero heroic, look up the 10 Commandments. Admire them, study them, love them, and actually make your character follow them!!

Of course of course, but your hero, like everybody, has flaws. Excellent! But do keep an eye on this -- he shouldn't be even worse than the villains; and above all, he's supposed to be trying to observe those Ten Commandments, trying to overcome his flaws. And he doesn't have to entirely succeed, but he can't give up with it either.

If he does wrong, remember to punish him, in a clear crystal view. God's ways never require any type of sin in order to advance; theologists agree that should Adan had not sinned, Jesus would've come to the world anyway!

7) The Villain: Aha, so "the article just got interesting"? Watch it! Going "out of character" by one moment let me explain something to you: we humans are born with something called "attraction to evil" which is a consequence of the original sin. It's something we are called to renounce to in order to receive the Holy Baptism and become sons and daughters of God.

So let's renounce. Let's not approve or consent or pursue this inner attraction to evil we feel.

I know you must be throwing an inner tantrum by now, believe me, I sometimes feel mad about it too, but avoid the "cool, charismatic villains" like the plague. Otherwise, you'll end with a sharp rock for everybody to hurt their souls against, don't.

Lastly, if your villain is really evil, don't tell us all about it. Wanting to know to the latest detail of a crime is another manifestation of our fallen nature. We mustn't let it win. A good example of this is the scene where Scar cold-bloodedly kills Mufasa... did we really need to see that? No. Of course not. It would have been enough to know that Scar tried to kill Simba with a stampede, in some other way.

8) Don't murder the bad guy: most bad guys are bad because they have the "the end justifies the means" mentality. Don't pick it up you as well and think it's good that the villain dies so the hero can finally live happily ever after.

Villains that change to good are almost unheard of these days; why not reverse the tendency and show that despite we are all sinners, God's mercy can really leave our pasts behind? Then, your ex-villain can become as cool as you wish.

9) Rivals: are good alternative to villains. You know, you don't have to be evil to give the hero something to do! Your rival could be after the same goal as your hero. Perhaps their goals could be incompatible. Maybe they could band up together sometime... a world of possibilities.

10) To be continued...

Dec. 2nd, 2010

The Anti-Mugre Brigrade

I just found the way to (lawfully) trick RPG maker VX into letting me play my old, unfinished game, The Anti Mugre Brigade -- and it still fun! -jumps up and down with excitement- Here's a recount on how my game went:

Started BADLY: a dust bunny made Mia swoon early and Erika had to take the reins. Saving each four steps and getting game-overed a lot, she found the Dog Whistle -- but at such levels, level 1 Saki wasn't of much help to speak of...

Finally, she made it to the ant princess' floor, saving and loading. She had to use repellents to get to the treasure chests. She found a water bucket, with which she made Mia wake up at last (but she was still level 1...!) So they lost a lot.

Reloaded. Thank God they found a lone fire ant -- chased it away with popurri bombs and voila! Everybody's at an acceptable level now. A few more bombs, and they are getting stronger. Saki learnt a lot of skills, and so did the girls (but it is uncool how they both have the exact same skills, in new version gotta change that).

Level-ground for a while, finally level 27 -- now, the Ninja Princess...!


The competition (since there is no violence, I wouldn't call it a 'battle') with the princess was incredible -- I hadn't had this fun in days xD All the ants went to the washing machine -- defeated, they marched home sparkling clean. The Princess' skills made me laugh a lot. She seems to have all the bravery points of the world... this went on forever, but was still fun. Saki's help was extremely useful.

Now, the big treasure chest is mine -- annnd, the giga poodles next level beat me up xD

There's is not much point in playing further since the game is unfinished, but other optional goals include:

* Chasing a Dieciseisteria off (even possible...?)
* Finding the secret, crossover item in that floor, and seeing if it works.

This was a LOT of fun. Can't wait until we've got the finished version on k-9's engine, but right now, Tiranosoftware's next project is project Mirage. More on that later.
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Nov. 25th, 2010

Planet Eden.

God loves you.

Many have heard this phrase a thousand times, but never quite understood.

God loves you; he listens to you, he looks after you all the time. He sees your every single action, he hears your every single thought. He cares about your every single project, takes interest in your ideas. He doesn't give his creatures dreams to squish them.

The planet Earth, without believing in the Divine Providence it's a nightmare. You've gotta watch your back, you've gotta take care of things that are outside of your power... everybody's out to get you.

But if you trust in God, believing in his Providence, you'll know that everything that happens will be for a reason. You'll look at your daily events and wonder "What might the Lord have been trying to tell me with this?"

You will live in the world without being of the world.

Planet Earth, while believing in the Divine Providence is like Eden.

Nov. 23rd, 2010

Aberash's Game (screens!)

So I finally figured out how to get screens out of GMaker. Fun stuff.

The game is currently as buggy as can be... but hey, I'm an artist, not a programmer >.>

Better run cycle!

So far she can jump, run, crouch, and hang from ledges -- but like I said it's SO full of bugs is almost totally unplayable.


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